Dr Ali Young is passionately supporting working mothers everywhere!

Dr Ali Young is a Chiropractor on a mission... to bring back both health and heart to Motherhood. She wants to help mums fan the flames of their own thriving motherhood so they can burn bright, not out. She began private practice in Perth in 2003, and quickly began working with mums and families.

She went on to complete her Masters level Paediatrics degree in addition to her chiropractic degree, and through working with more children, also began to work with more mothers. The stress load of life on mothers became quickly apparent to her, and the impacts that this was having on health and the joy mums could experience in their day to day life was massive.

Ali became a mother for the first time herself in 2012, and with her husband, moved to, Malaysia as an expat mum in a foreign land. This radical shift from very busy business owner tom other with a minimal support group really highlighted the importance of understanding the motherhood journey, matrescence and the power of intuitive self and education.

After several more moves, times as a SAHM and a FIFO wife/mum, and having another child, her family ended up living in South Korea for two years. This is where the concept of Work. Mama. Life really took off.

Combining her love of all things neurology, research, stress and chiropractic, with her personal motherhood journey, she has now authored a book Work. Mama. Life and has created an online community, resource hub and courses for mothers the world over.